Our Team

Bob Schuman


Pat Buckley

Grassroots, Grasstops, Coalitions, Corporate Strategy and Tactics.

Ballard Everett

Grassroots and Grasstops programs, Trade Associations, Political and Public Affairs Campaign strategy and tactics.

Elizabeth Gallagher

Government Affairs, Grassroots lobbying, public relations, coalitions, media relations special event management.

Brett Hall

Communications, Public Affairs, Coalitions, Political and corporate strategy.

Dan Huber

Grassroots, issue advocacy, strategic communications and campaign management

Donella Maez Irby

Non-profits, Media, Advocacy, Community Relations, Grasstops, Corporate and Political campaigns.

George Klaetsch

Government Relations, Grassroots advocacy, Association Management, public affairs.

Travis Lindley

Government Affairs, lobbying, PAC fundraising and management, grassroots and grasstops advocacy.

David Miner

Six-term member of North Carolina House of Representatives. Represents Fortune 500 companies as a lobbyist and public policy strategist.

Bryan Posthumus

Social Media, Campaign Consulting and management, Public Affairs, Research and Communications

Stephen M Sementilli

Public Relations, Public Affairs, media, issue and political campaigns.

Aaron Walker

Political /communication and messaging, crisis communications, grassroots advocacy and media training.