Our Services

Political Campaign Consulting

With over 30 years of experience we start with the premise that our candidates, when elected, and ballot measures, when passed, will make our country, state or community a better place. We only work with candidates we believe in and this selectivity makes us passionate and serious about working for them. We take the same approach for issue campaigns. Each campaign is different and every candidate is unique and that is why everything we do is fresh and innovative with a detailed plan. The strategies and tactics we employ for your campaign will be executed flawlessly, professionally and On-time.

According to a Pew Research report 24% of the voters in 2010 received at least some of their campaign information via a mobile device. Voter turnout among this group was 71% compared to 64% nationwide. Putting up a web page is no longer enough — you must use the web to push out content. (See social and new media management)

We are deeply committed to our clients and their causes because the stakes are so high. We believe elections are ultimately about improving quality of life therefore our clients’ victory is vitally important to us as well.